Substantive (Structural) Editing Services (price per 10 words)

Do you want the help of a professional editor to improve the overall structure of your manuscript? A substantive edit will cover all the points of a stylistic edit plus clarify and reorganize your entire story for you. These changes are negotiated with you all along the way. Our substantive edits are completed using the English language style of your choice: Canadian, British, or American. The edited version will be returned to you for one more proofread and final approval. (Per-word prices are based on the original word count of the original manuscript submitted. Additional charges may apply if additional chapters/sections are submitted later on. To calculate your price: for a 30,000 word manuscript, mark your quantity as 3000 ... 30,000 words in total divided 10 words per unit = 3000 units in total.) Timeline: 6-8 weeks (42-56 calendar days)
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