Stylistic Editing Services (price per 10 words)

Sometimes, you want a little more than a copy edit. A stylistic edit will cover all the points of a copy edit plus: eliminate jargon and redundancies, clarify meaning, and ensure the writing matches the intended audience. Our stylistic edits are completed using the English language style of your choice: Canadian, British, or American. The edited version will be returned to you for one more proofread and final approval. (Per-word prices are based on the original word count of the original manuscript submitted. Additional charges may apply if additional chapters/sections are submitted later on. To calculate your price: for a 30,000 word manuscript, mark your quantity as 3000 ... 30,000 words in total divided 10 words per unit = 3000 units in total.) Timeline: 4-6 weeks (28-42 calendar days)
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