Proofreading Services (price per 10 words)

Before we turn your fully-formatted book back over to you for the final proof approval, we'll have one more set of eyes do the following eight-point check on your behalf: the table of contents matches chapter title pages; headers and footers are accurate; bad breaks are eliminated; text is kerned to flow smoothly throughout; margins and trim size all measure properly; spelling and punctuation is correct; cover spacing, bleeds, and trim size all measure properly; cover spelling and punctuation is correct. (Per-word prices are based on the original word count of the original manuscript submitted. Additional charges may apply if additional chapters/sections are submitted later on. To calculate your price: for a 30,000 word manuscript, mark your quantity as 3000 ... 30,000 words in total divided 10 words per unit = 3000 units in total.) Timeline: 2-4 weeks (14-28 calendar days)
Proofreading Services (price per 10 words)
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