Malignant Memory, Paperback, 978-0-9953327-0-6

I am the confessor. I guard others’ secrets. The secrets revealed to me are not admissions of joy or happiness. They are confessions of deception, revenge, betrayal, wrongdoing, and deceit. It is one secret in particular that haunts my days and nights. I recreate the secret and the events that explain it over and over again in my mind. I offer you this story to unburden my soul of this wretched, malignant tale. I must liberate myself before the secret destroys the little peace that is left to me. Malignant Memory, paperback, 978-0-9953327-0-6, copyright 2016, Dr. Barbara L. Paterson, All Rights Reserved
Malignant Memory, Paperback, 978-0-9953327-0-6
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