Editing, Indexing & Proofreading

Copy Editing Services (price per 10 words)

We will thoroughly review your manuscript in Word.doc format and correct any issues with spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout. We will also make helpful suggestions regarding word choice and sentence structure.

  • Price: C$0.25

Fact Checking Services (price per hour)

How about a second set of eyes to check the facts in your non-fiction book? We'll help you make sure it's completely accurate.

  • Price: C$45.00

Indexing Services (price per 10 words)

Non-fiction readers expect to find an index in the back of your book. Enhance the overall value of your book with a thorough index that will allow your readers to locate their specific interests throughout.

  • Price: C$0.20

Proofreading Services (price per 10 words)

Before we turn your fully-formatted book back over to you for the final proof approval, we'll have one more set of eyes do an eight-point check of both the cover and interior.

  • Price: C$0.15

Stylistic Editing Services (price per 10 words)

Sometimes, you want a little more than a copy edit. A stylistic edit will cover all the points of a copy edit plus: eliminate jargon and redundancies, clarify meaning, and ensure the writing matches the intended audience.

  • Price: C$0.35

Substantive (Structural) Editing Services (price per 10 words)

Do you want the help of a professional editor to improve the overall structure of your manuscript? A substantive edit will cover all the points of a stylistic edit plus clarify and reorganize your entire story for you.

  • Price: C$0.55